Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holiday!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! It was a very busy holiday this year...lots of gift exchanges to coordinate, parties, dinner, planning, shopping. Christmas songs stuck in my head. Hundreds of logs burned in the fireplace. Several bottles of wine consumed. It was all-in-all a successful holiday.

A couple of things I tried making:

Fruitcake! I don't like fruitcake, but I thought I could make one that I did like--not so dark, dense, and strong, but more of a light version. I soaked a bunch of fruit in rum, molasses, and orange juice overnight. I added it to the batter the next day. I splashed the pan with coconut rum before pouring the batter in. It came out very delicious.

Christmas ham for dinner. My mom and I made the glaze with honey, hoisin sauce, Chinese five spice, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, and garlic. I stuck cloves into the ham and then I pinned pineapple slices and cherries onto it. I served the ham with potatoes and peas. Tasty!

Did you try making something for the holiday? 


Monday, December 17, 2012

Party - Apocalypse Christmas Party 2012

This year, we decided on an "apocalypse" themed Christmas party! After all, the world blows up on the 21st, so it only made sense. I trimmed the tree into a disgruntled shape, spray-painted it black, and put up some Mayan decorations around the house. We used red Christmas lights everywhere. I made a volcano so that we can make it explode. And we had a gift exchange in the theme of "what will help someone survive the apocalypse?" Fantastic presents were opened: gas mask, knife, emergency water, pez, cookies, survival book, knife sharpener, duct tape, anti-radiation lotion, and a splint. (My guests were very clever!) My guest brought over dry ice and flammable dessert to make it even more apocalyptic.

Snacks I prepared: Volcano Cake, Mayan Chocolate Cookies, Belizean Chicken, Ash Cheese with Crackers, Volcano Rolls, Coal Candy. (I also bought red hot Cheetos...) We bought stuff to make Lava Flow (pina colada and strawberry syrup) but I confess that we didn't have enough ice to make it.

"Party like there's no to-Maya."

Apocalypse wines:

 I tried to shape these cookies into a Mayan temple:

Pigs in a blanket -- except these are supposed to be people taking shelter from the apocalypse in a blanket:


 Our volcano!

 Flammable dessert!

Tree ornament:

Goggles and gas masks... we are so prepared!

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos. It was a very fun party!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CLAN: Author Photo

I am slowly (but surely) checking off things I need for my book. One of the simpler things to finish is the author photo. I don't really have a professional, up-to-date photo of me. Fortunately, my partner Joseph is a great photographer so he took mine! Since CLAN is a serious book, we thought a kind of a somber look would suit it best. 

What do you think?



Monday, December 3, 2012

Some Portal News

It's been five years since Portal came out. I am very happy that one of the first games I worked on is still catching some good news:

Portal was nominated for the Best Game of the Last Decade.

"On Dec. 7, Samuel L. Jackson will host the 10th annual Spike Video Game Awards. To mark this monumental birthday, Entertainment Weekly has teamed up with Spike TV to celebrate the videogames that defined the last decade. "

Go vote for you favorite game here!

Also, Portal is going to be a part of the videogame exhibit in MoMA!

Do you know the fantastic webcomic xkcd? It's one of my favorites. And it featured a very touching comic last week with a Portal reference. Check it out:

Hope you all enjoyed some of the news on the videogame side of things!