Monday, June 17, 2013

News Week - 06/17/13

Hello, everyone! As I prepare for CLAN promotion, I wanted to share various sites where you can get book-related updates from. 

    -I now have an author FaceBook page! If you "like" my page, you can get updates easily onto your FB feed. 

    -I started Tumblr a while ago. I post a lot of geeky things as well as anything that inspires me. As CLAN comes online, there will be more artwork posted there.

    -My website gallery has been updated with some concept art. Another gallery will open up once CLAN goes live. 

Hope you enjoy the new pages!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Photos - Engagement Party

Last weekend, I got to plan my engagement party and had a lot of fun decorating and making food. Here is the table full of snacks:

Get it? Lady fingers? With a ring on it:

 Pink Lemonade cupcakes, champagne strawberry cupcakes, pink cookies, rose + pink peppercorn chicken bites, strawberry tarts:

Joey gave me this jade plant at the beginning of our relationship three years ago. It was once the same size as that plastic walrus in the pot, but now it's towering over the walrus:

Party invitation picture--doodled by me:

After Joey and I got engaged, we went to Serafina for dinner. Live piano music was playing Casablanca's As Time Goes By. I got a bellini to drink. Our dinner was steak with peas and potatoes, quail with pea vines, butter lettuce salad with champagne vinegar, and cheesecake for dessert:

Cascades, overlooking Diablo Lake, where Joey proposed:

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of the festivities!