Monday, June 27, 2016

Camelot News - Morgan le Fay: Mugshot Released!

Breaking news! The mugshot of Morgan le Fay was released!

She is not happy. What will happen to Morgan? Read SWORD to find out!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Art - All the Rage

I was commissioned by YA author Courtney Summers to create a painting of Romy to celebrate the ALL THE RAGE paperback release! I had a lot of fun with this project!

ALL THE RAGE is about rape culture and gives voice to survivors. ALL THE RAGE is a powerful story by Courtney and it's important for our world to be aware of rape culture. 

If you'd like a poster of the artwork, be sure to enter Courtney's giveaway! And if you haven't read the book, do check it out



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Le Fay Series - Meet Arthur!

The portrait reveals will now be one or two portraits per book since most were introduced in HENGE. Today I am revealing the portrait for SWORD. We get to know this character a lot more in SWORD... 

Meet the famed royalty... Prince Arthur Pendragon!

As we all know, Arthur is the most important character in the Arthurian legends. He's also important in the Le Fay Series, though we won't see his central role until later. 

I wanted to make my Arthur a bit of a darker character since I like to work with contrast especially when it comes to major characters that can influence the plot. I wanted him to constantly struggle the duality of weakness and power; vulnerability and boldness.

Here's a scene with Arthur (I cut out spoilers):

King Uther walks in with Kay, Agravain, and Mordred by his side, and someone else who looks familiar trails behind him. A handsome teen with a frightened face. His hair is the color of autumn leaves. His earthy gaze meets mine.
“Morgan!” he says, his voice smooth and husky—a bit deeper than it used to be.
“Arthur?” I blurt out, shocked.
I recall that it’s April—his birth month. Arthur must’ve had his fifteenth birthday. He appears to have grown a couple centimeters, at least.
Uther puts an arm in front of Arthur. “How dare you refer to your prince by his first name!”
I continue to stare at Arthur past Uther’s arm, baffled by his growth spurt during my absence.
Arthur tries to move away from his father’s arm. “I’m so sorry, Morgan. I tried to tell them that you were nice to me—”
“Arthur!” his father barks.
“I didn’t want to see this either, but they—”
“That’s enough!”
Uther whirls around and strikes Arthur across the face with a loud smack. Anger flares in my stomach and I unintentionally try to yank my arm free from the knights. They hold me tighter. 
“Violence is not necessary,” I shout. “This is a difficult time for—”
“Silence!” Uther barks at me, his eyes blazing.
A few tears trickle down Arthur’s cheeks, and he glares at his father in disdain as Kay puts a hand on Arthur’s shoulder to comfort him. Arthur shrugs his hand off. There’s a dark look in Arthur’s eyes, one that I don’t recognize.

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the next portrait for the third book. I'll be introducing a brand new character. 


Monday, June 6, 2016

News Week - 06/06/16

Great news! Both CLAN and HENGE are up for audiobook production.

I'm currently going through auditions and am hoping to find the perfect narrator for each book. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of talented actors and it's going to be difficult to choose one.

Questions for readers:

  --What would your ideal narrator for CLAN sound like?

  --What would your ideal narrator for HENGE sound like?

Here are my audition calls:


Audition Notes: The narration of the book should be neutral and articulate, while the dialogue brings the characters to life in an otherwise bleak setting. Particularly, The three main characters should have distinct tones so listeners can easily tell them apart. In the story, the three boys are clones of one person, but they have different personalities. 

Characters described below:

Twain: a shy and passive young adult male. He should sound gentle and reasonable, his tone softer than the others. He should also sound serious with a flatter tone. 

Chad: an aggressive young adult male. His tone should be louder and unfriendly compared to the others.

Buster: A young adult male who is sarcastic and lively. His tone should be more vivid and lighthearted than the others. 


Audition Notes: The book HENGE is narrated by the protagonist named Morgan: She is a teen British female with an authoritative, strong, bold, fierce, medium pitched voice--not too high or soft. She should be able to execute strong emotional scenes.

Notes for secondary main character, Merlin: he is a young adult with a British accent. He has a calming, gentle, polite, and reasonable tone

What do you guys think? Exciting times!