Life Drawing - June

Last night, I went to another life drawing session, which I posted on LJ. (Blogger is not very artist-friendly...Difficult to do cuts and picture sizing. I may do some art posts there and link it from here sometimes.)

Note: Life drawing is a study of nude figures, therefore, the drawing contain nude figures. If you don't mind nude sketches of models, here is a link where you can see my studies.

In other news, as I reported on the Summer Smackdown, I am at the first draft phase for a second book. Oh yeah, the good ol' first drafts, haha. I have at least ten books on the backburner and they all compete to be the second book...("Pick me!" "No, me!") but I'm pretty sure the one I chose will be the best route. We'll see. It's definitely strange to be back in the wilderness of first drafting after all the editing.



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