Zombie Walk 2009

I accomplished one of my life-time dreams: dance to "Thriller" with zombies.

I'll be a better zombie next time though. I didn't even have blood on. (Probably just looked like a starved artist.)

To clarify, the "Zombie Walk" is an event that happens once a year in Seattle. (And some other cities, I assume.) Thousands of people dress up as zombies and amble down the streets. I heard that this year, we almost broke the Guinness World Record--but was only short of a couple hundred zombies. Darn. The best part? In honor of MJ, we also had a giant Thriller dance in the middle of Fremont! I think there should be a Thriller dance every year! Because...I mean...What could be more awesome than Thriller, really? Maybe a mountain made out of chocolate? (Brains?) Not even.



  1. Hah, I forgot it would probably not make sense to non-seattlites! Once every year, thousands of people dress up as zombies in Seattle, and this year, we also had a massive Thriller dance in honor of MJ.

  2. OMG--are you serious?? Can I PLEASE come out for the next one?! I LOVE zombies!

  3. Yes, for reals! I didn't know you loved zombies! I bet New York has zombie walk too!


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