Author Interview - COURTNEY SUMMERS

I'm very excited! Today we have YA author Courtney Summers sharing her wisdom and information about her upcoming novel, SOME GIRLS ARE (St Martin's Press). Courtney is represented by Amy Tipton (FinePrint Literary Management)

The illustration featured here is a painting of Regina Hafton, the main character of SOME GIRLS ARE. She's an eighteen-year-old former mean girl, a fallen popularity queen. When I read the description of SOME GIRLS ARE, I was inspired to paint an emotive portrait of fear--a girl expecting the worst. I could totally feel what someone in her position would go through.

1) What is SOME GIRLS ARE about?

Some Girls Are, which comes out in 
January 2010, is about a mean girl named Regina who falls from the top of the social ladder after a terrible misunderstanding involving her best friend's boyfriend.  Her pure evil ex-friends are dead set on revenge and punish Regina in brutal ways, physically and mentally.  Out of sheer desperation, Regina takes solace in the companionship of Michael Hayden, a misfit she herself used to bully.  But as a bond begins to form between them, they BOTH become the targets of her former clique.  All bets are off.  High school becomes a total game of survival.  No guarantees.

2) What inspired you to write the story?

I am super-fascinated by girl-bullying.  I think just about every girl has a story about being bullied by girls or bullying other girls themselves.  What's scary about a lot of these stories is that the people involved are often 
friends with each other.  In fact, my worst experiences with being bulled always happened at the hands of the girls I thought were my best friends and believed were my best friends in spite of what they did to me.  I will forever question why girls do these things to each other and writing Some Girls Are was about asking those questions.

3) Which character in SOME GIRLS ARE do you relate to the most and why?

Oh, jeez.  I'm not sure I want to cop to relating to any of them because they do such awful, awful things to each other!  :)  But in truth, I relate to them all on some level.  With Regina, I certainly have related to her fear of being outcast in a school environment and having that fear overshadow everything and having that fear force you to act  in less than stellar ways.  High school can be such a desperate and intense environment.  Sometimes it feels like it's entirely about self-preservation.

4) What's your advice for writing with an effective YA voice?

Don't pander or condescend.  Teen readers know when you're doing it.  I think a lot of writers knot themselves up worrying about what they can/cannot put into YA fiction--odds are good your novel will start to unravel the moment you start overthinking it like that, so go where the story wants you to go.  Just be true to what you're writing.  Be honest and don't hold back. 

5) What did you learn from getting published?

How to let go!  Once your work is out there, it is truly out of your hands.  That can be very intimidating, but over time you learn that it is absolutely okay.  It's a good thing.  Om.

Thank you so much for all the fantastic advice, Courtney! And SOME GIRLS ARE sounds like an absolute must-read. I am there as soon as it comes out in January 2010. I'll post a reminder on The Blog when the day is near!  



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  1. Every time I look at that illustration, it gives me CHILLS! That is EXACTLY Regina--inside and out (it may also be my desktop image!!). Thank you so much, Realm! I enjoyed your questions & it was an honour to be able to participate. Your work is incredible. :) You rock!

  2. Great interview and great image, yet again. Thanks, Realm!

  3. This is amazing! Love the picture of Regina, love Courtney, can't wait to read Some Girls Are!

  4. I absolutely LOVED Cracked Up To Be. Courtney has one of the best voices I've ever read in YA. Can't wait to read Some Girls Are!

    And awesome illustration, Realm. These interviews are awesome! Keep 'em coming!

  5. I had no idea it was going to be coming out that soon! I loved Cracked Up To Be and Courtney Summers has one hell of a voice - can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

    The image is very awesome by the way!


  6. P.S.
    Could I use the word "awesome" more often. Some writer...

  7. And now I'm forgetting question marks. I need to quit while I'm ahead.

  8. O! M! G!

    This is so freaking good! Fierce as freaking hell too!

    Love it, Realm!

    And I'm a huge fan of Courtney's, so this rocks double time.

  9. Thank you for your comments, everyone! It was a huge honor to get to draw for Courtney. I'm going to check out Cracked Up To Be too. Definitely got the feeling Courtney has a strong writer voice by her answers and checking out her webpage.

    Courtney -- You'd use it as your desktop wallpaper? I think I'll make your comment my desktop wallpaper. *g*

    Lisa and Laura -- Haha! Well I think you are both awesome x 2 (and therefore can say awesome twice)!

    Jo -- Thank you! I'm glad you introduced us! :)

  10. What a great interview! This makes me wish I could get my hands on Some Girls Are right now. And that is a fantastic image.

  11. This is such a great cover, very powerful! You can tell she's not your run of the mill type of girl!

    xoxo -- Hilary


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