News Week - 08/24/09

Blog News:

For the end of September guest blogging, I will ping all that have expressed interest on 09/07. You can still let me know if you'd like to blog. It doesn't have to be according to a theme at all, but if you'd like to work from a theme, how about this: Tell us about a book that influenced you and left a strong impact, whether in life or writing--it can be another person's book or your own (how your book made you grow, etc). I'm going to try to make little book icons for each guest-blogger's post.

Interviews are filled for this coming week, but there are plenty of slots open after that--so keep applying if you're interested! Here's a FAQ if you have questions.

August and September = the busiest time of the year for me due to the video game production cycle...(opposite of books!) As you can see, I'm a little belated posting this news update.


Book News:

A lot of plans still going on for CLAN and Book2. I'm going through a general cleanup of Book2, which I'll hopefully finish tonight. I'll let it sit for a while as I write more. I have so many ideas for it, but I'm not jumping to conclusions yet.


Book Buzz:

--I went over to Richelle Mead's signing. Her fourth book for Vampire Academy is out.

--Pssst, Catching Fire is out 09/01.

--Remember, Colleen Lindsay is closed to submission again on Sept 1st.

--Nathan Bransford posts about publishing time. (I agree with him. Coming from the fast-paced video game industry, the book industry's slug-crawl drives me nuts.)

--Editorial Ass writes an informative post about editors.

--First comics, now...first picture book on iPhone.

--Authors, the deadline to opt out of Google settlement is 9/4.




  1. Great links lady. I loved that post from EA, she's had some really interesting blogs of late.

    Good luck getting through the next month!

  2. I've been having trouble keeping up with the blog and twitter verse lately! I keep a look out for good links though.

    It's a busy month, but I also think it's exciting! Book on submission, Japan, 2nd book...Yay! A lot of fun things.


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