News Week - 09/07/09

Blog News:

Guest blogs are due! Giant thanks to everyone who sent in their beautiful article! They'll be appearing once I take off. I can get a couple author interviews up this week too.

I'll be gone 17th-28th! I will still be on email and check in on The Blog. I'm going to be manning the Valve booth at Tokyo Game Show with my colleague.


Book News:

I'm on submission, so here's a celebratory comix--haven't put one up in a while!


Book Buzz:

--We all heard the cool news, right? Congrats to agent Nathan on his book deal!

--Weronika is interning at Flux and posting things she's learning.

Another piece of news for this week...A TON of authors are going on submission! September crush! Some of you are on the second submission. It's been a tough year in the market for many.

Now, for all you authors, no matter how many rejections you get, never give up.

And listen to this song to keep your heart healthy:

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(If you like the song, be sure to check out the album by Jem.)

I adore all you talented authors and wishing you the best, best, best!!!



  1. Realm, I am praying for your HUGE success! You are super talented and have the baddest name on the block! Who wouldn't want a book by Realm Lovejoy?!

    And, you have mad cooking game - which I know cuz you post your lunches on twitter. haha.

    So there. Rock on!


  2. AW--Thank you, Katie!!

    Lol. I am a total foodie nerd...always cooking.

  3. don't give up! i so much faith in you... :)


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