News Week - 10/05/09

Blog News:

I’ve been busy ever since returning from Japan, but I’m finally getting free time again. I’m still catching up on interviews for authors. There's still spots for this month and the next open though.

There's an art post coming up!


Book News:

Book2's first draft is sitting to be cooled. I started Book3's first draft while I wait until I can re-read Book2 with fresh eyes.

This isn’t exactly book news, but I’m on an article/interview for the fall issue of SC science magazine talking about art in the game industry:


Book Buzz:

--Cherie Priest’s THE BONESHAKER was released! Love the look of the jacket. She is a fellow Seattlite that I met this year.

--ICE by Sarah Beth Durst is out! Isn't the cover pretty?

--Agent Suzie Townsend shares what's fresh and tiresome in genres.

--Little Willow says The Baby-Sitters Club prequel is being published in 2010. (I remember those books from when I was twelve! I met the actress that played Kristy once.)

--Speaking of nostalgia, Archie is still a two-timer.

--I'm sure the buzz already went around about book bloggers and free books conflict.

--Ever heard of a booking agent? Here's an interview with Jean Dayton with info about it.

--Secret agent contest.

--Agent Miriam Goderich posts about book sales.

--Readergirlz are calling all bloggers.

--I love this article by Rachelle Gardner about unplugged time and creativity. It's true stuff. I swear...I get most of my ideas while grocery shopping.



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