News Week - 02/28/11

Hey, guys! Just a brief update. I'm still polishing up a synopsis among other work. Aside from that, I just had my birthday, and Joey took me to a restaurant called Salty's to celebrate. Wonderful sea and city view (even though it was snowing when we went) and delicious crab legs! I got a nice white chocolate cake there with a candle in it. If you ever visit Seattle, go there!

Though I am journeying further into my twenties, I don't feel too bad (yet)...because everything I do gets better as I age.

By the way, did you guys get to check out the Valentine's video from Aperture? Check it out. Yay.


I also wanted to share that Gretchen McNeil just announced her cover design! Isn't is so beautiful? Love the tree branches.

Congrats, Gretchen!


Heads up, I will soon call for guest-bloggers, for I shall be gone for a week at the end of the month!




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