Art - New House Art, Gorilla Cat

I bought art from my friend Tiger Parker! Check out his website...he does paper cut-out art. I bought a piece with a white gorilla holding a black cat. I like the idea of a beast holding a cuddly animal. The gorilla reminds me of the King Kong flicks me and my brother used to watch...and the cat looks like my cat, Baron. Tiger made this for a jazz show. Keep in mind every detail was carefully cut out and pasted by him.

Drawing by his friend, Laura Bearl:

He also gave me a rubbing of his ouija board art! I like his ouija board art because it looks very simple and iconic.

Tiger at his show:
While we're looking at my house art, I'll tell you that I recently did some serious organizing since my partner Joey moved in and also brought in his art.

My forever growing Tezuka Osamu comic book collection:

Skateboard art (it is hung up):

Record player:

Joey's pop art panels by his friend Lucas Vidana:

New addition to the dining table, also Joey's:

I'm going to a Casablanca symphony this week:

My favorite flower:

The beautiful elm coffee table my friend Kyle Wallace made me. I got to pick out the slab of wood and tell him the look I wanted:

My favorite Escher piece--there's a bird in outer space:

I designed this butterfly piece for Joey and got it made--two butterflies coming together and overlapping their wings to represent harmony, like a yin yang. (There's a polythemus moth next to it - not shown, due to too much glass glare - which is the same species as the giant moth that flew into the house during my grandma's last week of life.):

I love the organic, simple look. I try to keep my home serene--with a heavy dose of nostalgia, which tend to involve vintage things as well as fragments of my Asian/American background. Hope you enjoyed a peek at the growing art pieces in my home!



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