Belize Trip - pre-2012

Joey and I are finally back from Belize and I am posting pics. We chose Belize because we found a secluded, little island we could stay at and it seemed like it'd be really peaceful and sunny. Below is the Mayan calendar at the Lamanai ruins! A great way to bring in the apocalypse year. Dun, dun, dun:

We took a wild boat ride through the rain forest to get to the ruins. Along the way, some mennonite kids came up to curiously inspect us by boat:

The mennonite girls came out to greet us as well as we passed by:

And there were plenty of crocodiles!

Right when we got to the ruins, it started raining like crazy. We were soaked! At least we got to see the ruins:

The following day, we went cavetubing through tons of caves. Not many good pictures inside the cave, unfortunately--it's pretty dark!

For the next adventure, we journeyed to go snorkeling at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. We stopped by San Pedro Caye to get some gear:

Right before the trip, I happened to watch Crocodile Hunter, so I was a bit nervous about swimming with sharks and rays! But, as it turns out, it was the BEST snorkeling trip I have ever been on--and I've been snorkeling lots all over the place. Our guide was awesome as he took us around the sea for a couple of hours--definitely the longest I've been snorkeling. After a while, I got super used to being in the water and felt like I was a part of the sea as we swam over corals and fishes.

Our guide pointed toward the distance in the sea--we saw a large, dark figure of a shark swimming. By this time, I was so comfortable, that I wasn't scared at all. We swam over to the shark. Our guide flipped him over so we could pet the shark's stomach.

We saw ginormous rays swimming below us as well:

It was so, so awesome! After, we got back to our lovely island. There were only five houses on the island we were staying at. The staff also took us out on a sunset cruise with some white wine and snacks. I enjoyed eating lots of lobster there... and a new thing I discovered... conch ceviche! Yum.

Breakfast on our patio every morning, in front of the sea:

This is what I did all day:

It was also one of the loveliest water for swimming--very calm. I would just float on my back most of the time. Lots of shallow areas I could take a walk on:

We had kayaks in front of our house, so we took a kayak out and explored around the island:

Cashew wine seems popular in Belize. Joe and I were excited to try... we had one glass and never touched it again. It tasted like... nutty syrup.

We came home with mosquito bites and tales of adventures.



  1. I'd better not tell Glen about your conch ceviche. He's been obsessed with having it again ever since he went to Spain years and years ago! Maybe we should plan a trip to Belize too. ;)

    I am in awe of those photos! The saturation is perfect for showing off such a lovely environment.

    1. Hmm...apparently Google doesn't recognize me on this account....


  2. Thanks for visiting, Dei. Yes! I was surprised how good conch was. Also, we saw a lot of conch just chillin' in the shallow shores. You guys should totally go to Belize!


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