Art - Icons of Science Fiction Exhibit

For the first time, one of my artwork was featured in an exhibit. I am most excited because (as a sci-fi geek) I can't possibly think of a cooler exhibit my art could have gone to... The Icons of Science Fiction Exhibit at the EMP! It's a wonderful sci-fi gallery by the Space Needle. (How surreal is it to have your art in the same place as Captain Kirk's chair?) The gallery has an impressive range of movie props from Doctor Who, Terminator, Avatar, Star Trek, and The Matrix. Surrounded by so many iconic works of science fiction in the gallery, I felt very fortunate and honored to be a part of sharing the Portal universe with the museum. Very big thanks to the curator of EMP for having Portal 2 as a part of the gallery.

Here is the art shown:

Check out this awesome opening party decor! The curator threw tribbles into the audience and Star Trek played on the big screen.

 Warning: Nerd ahead.

Captain Kirk's chair:


Avatar land:

It was a nerd's paradise. If you're in Seattle, I hope you get to check out the exhibit!



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