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I've never sculpted a character before so I was really excited to be in Simon Lee's sculpting class. We had a week long class over at my work. (Part of why I love my job is that I get to learn all the time!) Simon started his business only a few years ago, but since he's a webmaster, he was very good at networking and got his work out. He made one sculpture every day for 20 days and shared it on the web. Now he's successful and doing what he is passionate about.

This is what he sculpted the first day with super sculpey, taking his time to show us every step:

He starts out by making a simple armature, then he adds the rib and pelvis, more bones, then muscles, then poses it, then stabilizes it, then details it. Very effective process. 

Me, trying to sculpt a head... so hard:

You know what's amazing? Simon can somehow make a tiny, perfect hand or skull with just a few magical squeezes. 

Here's what he made in an hour and a half:

Unbelievable!!! What a valuable talent to have. If I could sculpt that fast I would model every single one of my characters. 

I'm not going to show you my sculpture yet--since it's uh, it needs work, but I will show you how it looks in the passenger seat of my car... I drove home carefully:

I'm looking forward to practicing more. I think it's a valuable design tool. You get to test your design out on gravity--see if it's balanced. 

Also, I noticed I was drawing better after sculpting--I think it's because sculpting forces you to accept a little chaos and be more flexible to change the design.

Check out more of Simon's incredible work here, and if you ever get the chance, take his workshop!



  1. That is INCREDIBLE. So super fascinating to imagine character design by sculpture, so many textures and shapes available with the extra dimension.

    1. Yeah, it seems like a really useful skill to have for an artist! It's a great way to test if the pose is possible in real life, where to distribute weight, and see if cloth folds correctly.

  2. WOW!WOW!What talent!
    Hey!Your's looks spectacular, even from your car seat<3 Is that Picoro??? ^_^v


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