Book Parties

Reading is viewed as a thing of solitude, but I really love book parties. Books aren't just static things that sits on the shelf and stays in your mind. You share it, talk about it, and even read together. Books can be a social thing, and it's a social thing that's quite different from movie night, game night, or sport night.

So, how can you throw a book party?

I went to a silent reading party. It was on a lovely, sunny evening. Everyone sat on the grassy field and read. There was a musician playing cello as we read. Some brought picnic baskets. It was so serene! I heard that there will be another party coming up in a vintage bar with a roaring fireplace. (Good idea for winter!)

Another party I went to was a literary cocktail party. Everyone had to carry around a book he/she was currently reading. So you have a drink and talk about books. I loved meeting new people and asking about the book he/she is holding.

I encourage more book parties! What are your ideas for a book party? If you have a cool idea, please share.



  1. Hi Realm, I love this. Here is something else you might want to adapt for couples or friends.


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