Trip - Kona 2012

I've been a little behind posting my trip photos! But I'm going to properly catch up. In April, Joey and I went to Kona. It's a great vacation spot for this apocalypse year--volcanoes, dark beaches, and a high mountain top to see the universe. 

My favorite... Mauna Kea! One of the highest mountains. We drove up above the clouds. I got pretty light-headed from the altitude, but it was worth it. There's even a geeky outer space store on the way there--awesome!! We drove up in time for the sunset.

So high:

Sunset above the clouds!

Here we are... all bundled up for the cold mountain:

This picture makes me happy because we look so geeky and adventurous:

On the drive to the mountain it was like... Sleepy Hollow land!!!! So foggy and creep and windy-roady. We even saw a dead turkey hung up on a fence. 

Black Sand Beach!

We went on a dolphin tour. I was snorkeling and saw several dolphins swimming far below me. Later on, I jumped into the water and came face to face with a dolphin for a split second before it swam away. It was pretty exhausting keeping up with those fast things! On the way home they swam along our boats. They were jumping around as they followed us. I was in heaven--I was sitting on the edge of the boat and I felt like I could pet them.

Lave tube!

Volcano! I wish I saw me some lava action! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos from our trip! I highly recommend Kona--the wild and beautiful island!



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