Photo - Ghost Crabs

I went to North Carolina during the summer to visit my family. During the night, we'd go out with flashlights to see all of the ghost crabs skittering away. (My boyfriend Joey took the awesome photos!) I think they must be called ghost crabs because of their translucent skin:

Aren't they cute?

Hope you enjoyed the pics!



  1. Ghost crabs are so adorable! I love chasing them around the beach. :D

    By the way, I remember congratulating you on your book announcement a few weeks back, but I realized I posted it on the LJ feed and not here, so you might not have ever seen it. So if you never got anything from me...yes, I did pass on my well-wishes to you! Infinitely proud and happy for you. :)


    1. Yes! So cool that you guys get to see 'em all the time.

      Thanks for letting me know! I never look on my LJ feed--I really should from time to time! I'm sorry I missed your message. I really appreciate it--thank you so much! :D

    2. Sometimes Blogspot won't let me leave comments, so I had to leave it over on LJ that time. I meant to send you an email copy of my comment and ended up having to do other stuffages and totally forgetting about it by the time I got home. I need a brain replacement! :D And you're welcome. =^^= Weird that it doesn't let you know of comments from the LJ feed linking back here! Most blogging places will let you import comments from other services, but I don't really know how that works.



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