Trip - Victoria, BC 2012

During the summer weekend, Joey and I took a ferry to Victoria from Seattle for a little chill time. I haven't been back to Victoria since I was a kid. (My father took me to Victoria when I was around seven years old--I remember that I thought I was in England.) Victoria is a super cute, old England-style city with lots of horse carriages and nice shops. Plus, it's only a few hours away from Seattle by boat.

For the first night, we stayed in the historical Empress:


My favorite... afternoon tea at the Empress:

Dining at the Empress:

We randomly went to a bug zoo--it was full of monsterous bugs:

Dino exhibit!

For out last night, we stayed in Abigail's... super cute!!!! It had a fireplace and nicely decorated interior.

That's all the adventure for this year... hopefully more trips next year!



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