Trip - England 2013

During Labor Day week, Joey and I went to England to visit his cousin Necole, who had her graduating art show. (I blogged about it earlier--be sure to check out her neat art!

I've always wanted to go to England. I'm a fan of many things from England: Jane Austen, Sherlock Holmes, the Victorian era, and all the mythology. And I like tea. A lot. As it so happens, my second book is set in England, so it was a chance to do some research. I'll hopefully be able to share some news about this book soon. I've taken a ton of photos during this trip, but I won't be posting 'em yet... I want to show you the places in more detail later! 

In the meantime... here are a few snippets!


Northern Wales:

Bath--Jane Austen town:

 Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street:

Tower of London--got to see the Crown Jewels--sparkly glory:

Some artsy shots:

Stay tuned for more pics and details later! 



  1. Ah Realm, I so love seeing pictures of your adventures. It looks gorgeous there, I've always wanted to visit! Maybe one day. Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. It's worth visiting! If you decide to go to England one day, I can give you some travel tips!

      Thank you for visiting the blog! <3


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