News Week - 11/18/13

Just got back from the Clan Book Release party! Pics to be posted soon. A lot happened last week and a lot is happening this week! This post will make it easy for you to navigate through all the recent happenings.

Now: Book Blitz is on! Hosted by YA Bound.

Tuesday: My friend and author Courtney Summers is interviewing me about the creation of CLAN plus revealing one of the Five Values of Clan.

Thursday: My agent sister Kristi Helvig (who also has a YA sci-fi coming out!) is interviewing me about world building and revealing one of the Fives Values of Clan.

Last week:

CLAN was released and is now on Amazon! (The paperback is $7.50 right now!) Plus it's starting to get reviews! If you get a chance to review CLAN and enjoyed it, a review will very much be appreciated!

CLAN's book trailer was revealed! Don't miss out on the giveaway to win the Kindle Fire! I've added more prizes since there are a lot of entrants. The giveaway ends Thursday night. 

Author S.R. Johannes interviewed me about art and marketing and revealed the first Five Values of Clan! 

Don't forget the raffle happening for the Intro Tour! A lot of new CLAN merchandise was made.

I hope you enjoy all the events!



  1. Gggggggg...this just gets ever more exciting!


  2. Oh...I didn't realize until this post that you had TWO Rafflecopter giveaways going on! I thought the Kindle and the merch one were the same. I'd only been promoting the merch one all this time! I'll have to fix that. So much Clan news, it's hard to keep everything straight. :)


    1. Yes, there will be a few different raffles going on this month and next month. It's a little confusing!

    2. I passed on both raffles this times! Hope you get lots of entries. :D



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