News Week - 04/15/14

I hope you are all enjoying spring! I am in the midst of a global revision for my next book which I hope to announce sometime this summer. Meanwhile, I am preparing CLAN for the second edition. I should be able to get the second edition out later this year. If you'd like a first edition, get it this year! 

How marked up CLAN currently is:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to review after reading CLAN. There is no better way to support an author! 

Here are a couple new reviews:

Review by Lady Jai:

"In a world where everyone is supposed to be identical in every way, Lovejoy finds a way to create differences amongst the Clan, differences that cause the same social issues we experience in our own world – bullying, stereotyping, prejudice, segregation."--Lady Jai

Review by Michael SciFan:

"This was a really fascinating novel that explores what makes a person unique and how much of a person is from DNA and how much is from elsewhere."--Michael SciFan



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