HENGE - Flap Copy

Hello, everyone! I now have the official flap copy for Henge! As I said before, I've kept this story a secret for three years so I'm very happy to finally share details with you. The book feels all the more real now that I am able to talk about it. I hope you'll like the sound of this new series, LE FAY. As always, feel free to share your thoughts! 

Story description is below!



Coming up next... the cover reveal!



  1. I've always loved alternate takes on Arthurian legend, so I'm gonna be following this one verrrrrrrry closely! Quite a change in content from Clan, eh?


    1. Hurray! Thank you for checking out the flap copy, Dei! I hope you'll like this take on the legend. Yes, it's so different from CLAN... I never know what story will pop into my head next.



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