Author Tip - Book Release Plan

Around three months before your release date, you might be overwhelmed with all the final crosschecks involved in releasing a book. What will the final product be? How much is there to do? What is the promotional schedule going to be?

I've organized my book release the same way both times now. 

For the book (labeled as "product"), I print out an outline of the entire story so I can review the written product as a whole. Next, I print out small versions of all the illustrations I've done so far, and then mark where the illustration is within the outline. That way, I can see which parts I would still like to make an illustration for, and plan accordingly. 

For promotion, I print out the release plan calendar (which is usually 3-4 months) and cut out a bunch of promotional ideas (trailer, tours, reveals, etc.) and slide them across the calendar to plan. When things are cut out, it's easier to move them, find a rhythm, and change your mind. I also cut out giveaway items and match them to tours and promotional images that I'd like to release. 

Here is how my floor currently looks like:

This setup will remain until the book release! I hope seeing my planning method will help you, too!

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