Charity - Holiday Stockings

Hello everyone! The HENGE paperback is out! Just in time for some charity. Last year I raised money for Holiday Stockings for Homeless Children during Thanksgiving week and I am doing the same this year. I have been homeless as a child and appreciated donated presents. I always wanted to give back through my own hard work.

All royalties earned from CLAN and HENGE (Le Fay Series) between 11/25-11/28 will go to Holiday Stockings which provides presents for homeless children in the Seattle area.

Here's a pic of Merlin from the Le Fay Series (who does a lot of charity work) knitting stockings for homeless kids (Yes, he knits!):

Not only will your money go toward making a homeless child's day brighter, but you get a book to read in return too! 

Thank you and have a wonderful week! 



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