HENGE - Illustration: Characters to Represent the Seasons

Yesterday I had the honor of guest blogging for CBY Book Club. The theme was to pick a character from HENGE to represent each of the four seasons. I found this to be so fun that I chose to illustrate for it too!

Hope you enjoy.

Morgan, the protagonist, would be winter. Morgan loves the comfort of staying home by the fire. Her heart is chilled from her terrible past, but she dreams of a day when her heart will thaw. With her fiery spirit, Morgan is prepared to weather any storm.

Guinevere, Morgan’s best friend, would be spring. She loves flowers, gardening, animals, and comfortable weather. Every spring she is excited to do a good cleaning for a fresh start and fill her dorm in Camelot with freshly picked flowers.

Vivian, one of Morgan’s rivals in Arthur’s Round, would be summer. She enjoys swimming in the pool to stay healthy and fit. She also prefers summer fashion: wearing light clothes, sunglasses, and elegant sandals. With her cool attitude and icy water magic, summer is no sweat for her.

Isolde, another member of Arthur’s Round, would be autumn. She loves the crisp wind, the scent of changing seasons, and romantic weather. She plays with the falling leaves by using her wind magic. She loves curling up with a hot beverage and reading stories of legend and love.

My favorite season is summer so I have to admit I can't wait for winter to end. What's your favorite season? I hope you enjoyed the illustrations!



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