Le Fay Series - Meet Guinevere!

The portrait reveal continues! This week I am introducing you to Guinevere, Morgan le Fay's best friend in the Le Fay Series.

Meet the warmhearted and radiant... GUINEVERE:

I love Gwen. I would want her as my friend. She's genuinely nice. She plays a key support role in the series though she may not show up often. She contrasts Morgan and is a stabilizing person for many characters. In the traditional legend she plays as someone very queenly in personality. I made my Gwen different--humble, personable, and sweet, though still powerful.

Here's an interview with Guinevere on Little Miss Book Addict's blog! 

Here's a scene where Morgan meets Gwen the first time:

“Is that all you’re having for lunch?”
I look up. A petite girl—another Round member, judging by her badge—stands with a tray eying my lone scone dubiously. I don’t recognize her. She wasn’t in the competition or in the Magic Control Test. It’s possible that she was too short for me to notice her, but I doubt I would miss someone so stunning. Wavy, honey-blond hair frames her naturally pink and dimpled cheeks. She smiles at me, radiant. “It can’t be healthy,” she adds.
“I’m fine,” I retort sharply.
I’m Guinevere,” she replies, mimicking my tone and hostile expression.
I soften, realizing how tense I am. I clear my throat. “My name is Morgan.”
“May I sit with you?”
“Sure,” I say.
She sits across from me. Her plate holds half a cod sandwich and a salad. The light from the window brightens her face, her eyes emerald green. She exudes a warm aura— nonetheless, something about her intimidates me. Various textbooks say that magic users have a sense for other magic users. She doesn’t have the cold air of a water user, the heat of a fire user, or the calm of a wind user. Rather, she has some kind of glow, like the sun.
“Nobody should eat alone,” she says. 

I hope you enjoyed meeting Guinevere!



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