Birthday 2015

Celebrating my birthday with gold and laurel which to me symbolizes getting through a milestone. I chose the Butterfly Lounge as the venue because of the butterflies, forever beautiful, encased in glass—it’s a reminder that some things can be timeless. 
10 years ago everything was new to me and I had to make myself from nothing. Today I’ve got a decade of experience and wisdom behind me. I had the honor of working on some incredible projects. I’ve learned so much about art, storytelling, and writing. I’ve got amazing family, friends, partner, and the best bunch of readers an author can hope for. And! A series that I’m beyond excited for—the Le Fay Series! 
I can’t wait to share more of my work with you! It’s only just begun and every year it only gets better. 
I will continue to pour my whole heart into telling you stories the best way I know how to. 
Thank you for being with me through this journey!

"I want to be forever young… Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever."—Temperance


The next night, my real birthday, Joey took me to a nice restaurant that overlooks Seattle.

We had this awesome flaming dessert. Orange ice cream covered in meringue and flaming cognac! A great way to finish the birthday weekend (and get excited for the Le Fay Series).



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