HENGE - Blog Tour Recap pt. 12!

I've been getting a lot of reviews so I finally got around to posting my review policy for the 2nd book in the Le Fay Series--coming out later this year! If you're interested in receiving a free copy, please read the policy.

Lots of review highlights for the next month! Here are highlights for you to check out this week:

 "...I REALLY want the second book right now. What an glorious mix of Arthurian legend and fantasy. Only – This takes place in the UK,  and there is technology such as guns, phones, cars. ‘Hogwarts meets Panem’ was the first thing that caught my eye when people described this book, and indeed it was just as amazing as both of those series."

"Realm Lovejoy did a spectacular job on this book it was detailed so well it felt like I was sitting on her shoulders watching and feeling everything, it also reminded me of the Hunger Games with a spin off attitude of spy kids. I really love this spectacular book and I give this book a whopping, flying 5 stars ***** and two thumbs up."

"An alluring start to what is sure to be a fun and exciting YA series.  Suitable for all ages, Henge‘s swirling tale of magic and suspense will delight from start to finish.  I eagerly anticipate the next edition in the Le Fay series."

"Throughout the story, the author planted twists, turns, betrayals and secrets at every corner."

"Looking forward to more Lancelot, Mordred, Merlin and of course King Arthur himself."

Review Policy (Le Fay Series)

The 2nd book in the Le Fay Series will be out later this year! 
Here are requirement to be eligible to receive a free review copy of the 2nd book:
—You must have read the first book, HENGE.
—You crossposted your review of HENGE on Amazon. (GoodReads a plus, too!)
—Your review of HENGE reflects your interest in the story.
If you’d like to review HENGE or be on the list for the next book, you can email me at: rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com
Thank you! I hope you enjoy HENGE and will stay tuned for the next book!



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