HENGE - Blog Tour Recap pt. 13

It's been nearly four months since Henge released and it's still going strong! This wouldn't have been possible without you reader-knights, so thank you very much for spreading the word and supporting the series!

Henge book trailer giveaway ends today! I hope you entered for a chance to win.

"I am stunned at how amazing Henge was. It was refreshing, exciting, and I love Morgan. Really, I love everything about this story, but especially Morgan."
--My Full Bookshelf Reviews

"Morgan is such a wonderful character because you can feel her emotions through the pages. Wherever this series takes me I plan on enjoying the ride."

"...will entice you from the very beginning. Be prepared to want more as Realm Lovejoy plays with a fan favorite and gives it a fresh new vibe!"
--The Rest is Still Unwritten    

"Lovejoy's Morgan le Fay is a complex main character. Her journey of self-discovery, closely followed by the reader, is twisted. She aims for success, but it's tainted by her longing for revenge and justice. "
--21st Century Once Upon a Time

"..very enjoyable and recommended for anyone who enjoys the Arthurian legends with a twist."

I have this reminder posted on my computer... it reminds me to do my best everyday and that this is an ongoing journey:

Thank you so much, everyone!



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