Le Fay Series - Research Travel: Tintagel, part 1 - Sea

More photos from my research travel resumes! Today I am sharing photos from Tintagel, Morgan le Fay's hometown in my novel HengeI have so many photos from Tintagel that I'm going to split it into three parts: sea, town, and castle. Gorlois (Morgan's father) is known as Gorlois of Tintagel in the Arthurian legend, so straight away, I knew where her hometown should be! Tintagel is also one of the most important Arthurian places... which I'll get to in another post. 

We stayed in Tintagel for two days since it's such an important location for Morgan's character and understanding her past. I really wanted to get an idea of what it might be like to live there.

Lucky for me, I get to have my character's home in such a cool place. Makes researching a lot more fun.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was taking a long walk along the Celtic Sea. It's the most beautiful walk I've ever been on. Tintagel's ocean is swoon-worthy with the dramatic cliffs and dark teal sea. You can't go anywhere without seeing a really photographable scene.

I could imagine that for Morgan le Fay, it must be a really important part of her memory in Tintagel, to be by the sea where she practiced fire. A really serene section in her otherwise tumultuous life.

Slate everywhere creates naturally beautiful patterns:

I hope you enjoyed the photos of the beautiful Cornish beaches! 

Excerpt from Henge:

"Tintagel rolls by. The deep teal sea crashes into dark jagged rocks underneath heavy clouds. Occasionally the silver sunlight peeks through, like a flash of a knife, getting a few rays in before a cloud rolls over it again. We pass endless fields that seem to be only occupied by sheep—fluffy and sleepy as dreams."--Henge (Le Fay Series) 

More photos from the area to come. If you click on the tag "research" you can see more posts from my travels.



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