HENGE - Blog Tour Recap pt. 18

Accomplished this weekend: donated a copy of Henge and Clan to prison and finished the first draft of a picture book (my first one)!

I believe this is the last recap for the HENGE promotion. Now it's time to stay tuned for the sequel news as I continue to share all things Le Fay Series related! To wrap up the tour, I wanted to share some quotes from HENGE that Zed curated. I thought they were fun choices! Enjoy.

Favorite Quotes from Zed at A Whisper of Thoughts:

[Morgan] “My father told me never to judge someone I don’t know.”

[Guinevere] “Judging and gossiping are part of proper conversation.”


“You should hunt with me next week,” Father says to Merlin.

Father only takes people he likes hunting, but maybe Father is planning to shoot Merlin.


[Lancelot] “Lady Fay,” he says. “You have such an icy stare. It burns me.”

[Morgan] “Sir Lancelot,” I say quietly. “I suggest you be careful.”


[Morgan's father talking about Merlin] “A friend, huh?” Father presses. “You might think so, Morgan, but men are animals. I bet you he wants something more.”

I roll my eyes. “He’s just a friend.”

“Oh, yeah? I told people that your mother was ‘just a friend.’”


Father grips Merlin’s good arm, as if he wishes the other were broken too. He inspects Merlin like he’s scrutinizing meat at a butcher shop. “You’re a bit thin, boy.”

“Oh, were you planning on cooking me?” Merlin queries, and I have to stifle a laugh.


I hope you enjoyed the quotes!



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