Le Fay Series - Chapter Art

I am currently working on the cover art for SWORD! In the meantime, I wanted to show you the chapter number art I created for HENGE (and will be used for SWORD, too). Although the Le Fay Series is set in modern time, I like to salute to the medieval period (not really the Arthurian time period but the period popular culture associates it with) as often as I can. It's undeniable that the old style is iconic to the legends. I'm a huge fan of Beardsley's illustrations for the legends and took inspiration from his work for the chapter numbers. (I'm posting a video of his work at the bottom of this post!) I created these pretty organically with a simple pen and a pad of papers whenever I felt like drawing while watching TV or lounging around. I didn't use a ruler or anything so the lines aren't straight but I like the organic look. I also drew whatever came to my mind so it was purely exploration-based and all created on the first try. 

You can see the numbers used below:

Check out Beardsley's amazing work:

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my art process and muse!



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