News Week - 01/04/16

How was your NYE? For NYE, we went to Shine, a party featuring all things shiny and glittery. It was a lot of fun and I got randomly sprayed with glitter! The next day, for a total opposite experience, I tried out a sensory deprivation floatation tank. A very sci-fi experience and good way to get over the NYE hangover. I felt like I was floating in outer space.

Speaking of space, I finally saw Star Wars! 

Best of 2015: I'm so thrilled that Morgan le Fay made V's Reads most Resilient Heroines list!

What's in store this year?

I got a new gig! I've got a post set for tomorrow with more details.

In other news, a big project of my very own is brewing.

How about books? I've got these guys making their way this year: a picture book, a graphic novel, a new novel, and... yes, Le Fay Series will continue! As soon as my projects find their destiny, I will announce details. 

My ultimate 2016 goal is to start the big project and be on track for steady growth. 

Don't forget my holiday gift for you, dear readers! The giveaway is still on!



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