News Week - 02/01/16

More reviews for SWORD!

"All the plot twists in this novel are enough to give me a heart attack. While I can't reveal them for obvious reasons, just know that this book will take you on an amazingly epic journey that will leave in a state of shock by just how freaking amazing it it."

"Sword is the second book in the Le Fay series by Realm Lovejoy and is even better than its predecessor, giving the first novel a run for its money in the high stakes department and taking readers on an exciting adventure from beginning to end!"

"Sword was a fantastic, utterly thrilling continuation of the Le Fay series. I'm still reeling from the story. Just like HengeSword is well written, amazingly paced, and the storyline does not disappoint, plus the characters are fantastic."

"I loved the first book and this is quickly becoming one of my favorite series."

Thank you, dear readers, for reviewing! It helps the series so much!

How was your first month of the new year? I spent mine learning a bunch at Oculus. I spent January focusing on learning to balance since I've overworked myself a lot the previous years. I'm incorporating more yoga into my life, yard work, and also having longer mornings before starting work. All these things help my brain have some quiet time.

Things accomplished in January: 

-Picture book dev edit finished! 

-Third LE FAY book 2nd draft reached 10k words!

-A bunch of promo art for SWORD was completed. 

This month I hope to finish the picture book line edit and get it to my agent. I want to get the book 3 draft done for LE FAY and let it cool for a bit before another round of my drafting. I plan to continue SWORD art and photo promo throughout spring.

Hope your new year plans are going well!



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