News Week - 03/03/16

Hello everyone! Apologies for the long inactivity on the blog! I was wrapping up some projects. Now I'm back to post regularly. Hey, it's March now! Happy March! I'm so pumped for spring. We just had the wettest winter in history over here in Seattle.

  --What's new? I finished my children's book manuscript! Hurray!

  --I'm opening up my freelance service again. Want an illustration from me for you project? (Book cover, promotion art, character design, tattoo art, logo, etc.) Send me a query: rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com

  --Review policy reminder: Want a review copy of the third Le Fay book? Be sure to post a review of SWORD on Amazon to be on the list. (Due to time and cost I will only be sending it to readers who are reliable and genuinely enjoy the series--those who review 4 stars or higher.) 

There will no longer be an open review query for SWORD and the third book--the only way to get a copy now is through the policy. HENGE will still be up for open review query.

We left off at Valentine's Day last month. Here are photos from my Valentine weekend:

I made lunch: grits with red onion jam:

Coolest chocolate box ever:

My nails for the day... "Isolde" from A-England! The palest of pinks, a romantic Arthurian color:

I tried to photograph my dress before the date... but Baron did not want me to leave:

We went to a speakeasy bar. The absinthe panna cotta I mentioned was very delicious!! I must try making it myself. 

More soon!



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