Charity - Bravery and Kindness Cake!

I love Born This Way Foundation which focuses on empowering young people. During the holiday week in December, royalties from the Le Fay series were donated to the foundation. I recently participated in their bravery and kindness cake contest. My Chamomile Thyme Cake is a semi-finalist in both recipe and decoration!

Please take the time to vote for me here.

Cake can be voted on once a day until 4/19.

About the cake ingredients in the theme of bravery and kindness:

Thyme - knights used to carry thyme to inspire bravery as they embarked on their journey. 

Chamomile - I believe chamomile is the kindest herb. It promotes peace and healing.

Together the two herbs create a fragrant and comforting cake! The recipe is on the site if you'd like to give it a try.

Bravery and kindness are both important qualities to me which I incorporate in both my life and my novels. I wish the kindness cake project much success! 

Thank you,



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