Trip - Maui and Oahu 2016

Joey and I just got back from Hawaii for our friend's beautiful wedding in Oahu. We had to stop by our favorite island first though: Maui!

I'm proud to say I participated in 5 yoga classes during my vacation! It was a wonderful way to start the day. It is now a quarter of 2016 and I've stuck with my yoga goals:

Our favorite thing to do... lounge in the cabana:

Yes, I'm working on something besides the Le Fay series and picture book! I'm taking notes for a book set in the tropics:

Rainbow food!

Namaste! Zen life is what I want:

This farm in Maui is everything my dream is made of. Ducks are running free and enjoying their swim in a large pond. And the mountains! Man. I want this life.

My first Hawaiian shaved ice! Real mango and coconut syrup, macadamia nut bottom, and mochi toppings!

Poolside joy. We enjoyed this boutique resort with serene settings:

Hello Oahu! Our first time here. The mountains are phenomenal:

Morning kayaking! Refreshing to go against the waves. LOVE IT!!!

Joey and I returned to Seattle and continued to dream of Maui. I love the way the wind rustles through the leaves. The cricket songs at night and the bird songs during the day. The balmy breeze, always comforting. My skin and hair rejoiced in the weather. I love the simplicity of island life and of course, being surrounded by paradise. 

I'm very thankful for this year so far. I've become closer to my heart, learning to live gently, and go with the flow.



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