Le Fay Series - Research Travel: Chalice Well

Today I am sharing photos from my trip to Chalice Well. I had to stop here for my Le Fay series research! Like the neighboring Glastonbury Tor, this garden is also a associated with Avalon. the name Avalon means a place where apples grow. Indeed, apples do grow here. In one legend, Morgan le Fay is a healer and she heals Arthur in Avalon. Chalice Well carries the myth that the natural spring water has healing powers. There is a legend that the chalice was thrown into the spring and made the water red. People from around the globe come to this garden in hopes of healing. (Or some, like me, to research and nerd out!)

The garden is also very beautiful with many colorful flowers. It's a peaceful, quiet place. I reflected some of the mystery and serenity into the Avalon in SWORD. Wish we had something like this in Seattle! 

Here's the coppery red water flowing. Visitors bring empty bottles to drink the water with. The water has a slight coppery taste:

I bought a bunch of apples to snack on. Real Avalon apples! I even washed 'em in the spring. They were tasty. 

Me at the garden:

Here's the lid of the famous well. The symbol is very famous and represents Avalon. I love the design. I wore a necklace with this symbol to the SWORD book release party.

Hope you enjoyed a tour through Chalice Well!



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