News Week - 05/24/16

I've got a brand new notebook for jotting down plans for the next 1.5 years of Le Fay! It's hard to believe I'm at the halfway point in the series.

  --Production: The third book is in fact nearing the end of revision and is about to be sent out for line edits.

  --Promo: SWORD promo will continue into the summer. Sometime in the summer, you'll also see the description and new cover reveal for book 3!

  --Drafting: I'm also drafting a new novel right now. I'm hoping to get this to my agent this summer. It's very different from my other novels that are currently out and I can't wait to share it.

  --Backlog: two picture books, one graphic novel. I'll resume these when I have some openings in my schedule. Hopefully once I get Le Fay art done. 

  --Freelance: I have a couple spots open for June if anyone'd like some art by me.

Stay tuned!



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