Trip - Japan 2017 - Tokyo, Nagano, Kyoto

After a long vacation, I am back! I went to Japan and visited Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto. It was nice to see my second home country, especially since it's been too long since my last visit. Today I'm sharing my favorite photos from the trip. 

Tokyo! I love the high energy city. I got more inspiration for Novel 10 in Tokyo, which takes place in an urban environment.

Hyatt -- Where Lost In Translation was filmed:

Next up... Nagano area where I grew up during some of my childhood years. I accumulated more ideas for Novel 6 here, since Novel 6 takes place in a more natural setting.

Matsumoto Castle is the oldest castle in Japan and I used to live close to it at one point: 

I recall monkeys in the backyard when I lived in the mountains during my really early childhood, but have never seen one so close!

Kanaguya -- said to be a source of inspiration for the film Spirited Away! One of my favorite movies. I loved this hot spring town. I wish I could have a hot spring in my house.

Kyoto! My first time going. Dressing up in kimono was fun and the temples were stunning!

Matcha and hojicha parfait!

While in Japan I got super inspired for Novel 11 (which has nothing to do with Japan) and when I got home, I went on a writing binge and now it's completed! Super excited to see where this novel goes. 

I hope you guys liked the photos! I'm back to work so you can expect more updates from me on the Le Fay series.



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