SPEAR - Cover Reveal

Here it is! The cover for SPEAR (Le Fay Series 4)! The ebook is scheduled to release next week on 12/12.

The tides of change are crashing down. Can Morgan le Fay save Camelot once and for all?

            Summoned back to Camelot after a year away, Morgan le Fay wonders if she is ready to face her past and serve King Arthur.

            When the search for the missing Grail leads to another relic only spoken of in legend—the even more powerful Spear of Destiny—Morgan knows she must find it before it gets into the wrong hands. The ever-elusive Luminaries are on the hunt too, and they will stop at nothing to rule in Arthur’s place.

If Morgan cannot find the Spear before the Luminaries do, Camelot’s fragile peace will come hurtling down. And with it, King Arthur. Little does Morgan know that to succeed, she must face the darkest power that lurks within her.

In this riveting conclusion to the Le Fay series, Morgan is at her most powerful—and takes her place as an unforgettable heroine.

Now the quartet covers are complete:

Hope you like the final cover for the series! I will post an excerpt on Thursday!



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