News Week - 2/26/18

Hope everyone's February is going great! 

Latest news:

  • My latest novel (longest yet!) was sent to my dev editor! This one was my most recently completed (just last autumn) and pure joy to write. It's packed with my inspiration and aspirations. I can't wait to share it next year. 

  • Another novel is due to another editor next weekend! (And I already have it ready to go, yes!) This one was completed summer 2016 and I was waiting until SPEAR was finished before scheduling it for production. ETA is next year. 

  • Picture book was sent to my line editor (final line edit!) and I'm working away at the art. I'm aiming to have it out this autumn. 

All three books mentioned above are completely different from what I've written thus far.

Below, I'll share photos from my Instagram of this month's activities. 

Celebrating the latest novel plus my bday:

We got to see Hamilton, finally. It made my bday weekend even more awesome. Great to see diversity and also a unique way of storytelling:

Prior, we saw Swan Lake, my favorite ballet:

Snow on my bday, yes!

I really wanted to go ice skating and we finally went:

Rewinding back... a casual Valentine's day dinner:

We got to hear one of our favorite songs live at our favorite Italian restaurant... you can get a glimpse here. A special moment to be sure! 

It's been a very fun month full of things to be grateful for. I'm looking forward to March when the air will warm up and we'll see hints of Spring. 



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