Life Drawing -- May

Last night, I went life drawing at the Jewel Box. You get to drink an old-fashioned and draw, how about that?

What is life drawing? It's drawing a nude or semi-nude model that poses for a certain amount of time. The time can range from quick 1-5 minute poses as well as longer ones like 10-20 minutes and beyond. It's really good practice for an artist to try to capture the form within a time limit.

The model from the session:

I also won the ticket raffle and got these really random prizes:

Um, so this was Monday night - I was spacey when I ran out to get a cab - so I forgot my prizes at the bar next door. My friend got it for me though...and someone left a little something inside the pocket book:


Another one from my recent life drawing sessions. (I won the drawing contest for it!) Yeeha! The prizes: sushi tape, an air guitar kit, and a duck soap.

The girl wore a post-apocalyptic costume with dark feathers, eye patch, and a fan made out of newspapers. Wicked.

That's all for tonight!



  1. honey, you are an amazing artist! i'm sorry i missed last month's dr sketchy. i promise i'll attend the next one so i can get some artsy fartsy doodling in w/ a little QT w/ realm. :)


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