Art - Logo for My Best Friend

Today I wanted to share with you a little art project I did last week for my best friend, Morgan.

A little info about Morgan:

When I was around 6-7 years-old in southern Washington, I hung out with Morgan everyday for a few years. We played in the creek, got into little wars with our brothers, and trouble was often abound. We met again later when we went to high school together and then went to college, carpooling in her sweet beemer. We also went to prom together -- for maybe only an hour or two if remember right -- neither of us liked prom! Now, we're in our mid-twenties...and still buds, although she is in sunny California and I'm in rainy Washington. She's someone that will always be in my life.

Morgan is now a graduating photographer with amazing skills. She asked me make her a logo for her business. She wanted a tree with wings, a sun, a moon, clouds, wind, and a tear drop. For the logo, I also wanted to capture her spirited character and the sun shining through her free-flowin' hair. In her logo, the tree (above-left pic) resembles hair a bit.

Below is a photo of her and an old drawing I did of us when I was a young teen.

Wishing Morgan an awesome career!



  1. I LOVE that you made the logo look like her!

  2. So beautiful! Both of you, and the logo - that's just breathtaking.


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