Back from North Carolina!

My fam rented a beach house in Nags Head for a week. Dolphins could be seen from the balcony and the sea was just steps away from our pool. The ocean had an abundance of shells, both rough and polished. At sunset, little crabs would begin to poke out of the sand, scuttling away from people's feet. We went to see some wild horses on the beach as well and my brothers went kayaking in the alligator swamp. There's a lot of life in Nags Head (and cool stories from the locals)!

Hope you guys liked the photos!



  1. Wow--great shots, Realm! I like the aged look to them too--cool!

    Welcome home!!!

  2. These pictures are breathtaking!! That looks like an amazing vacation.


  3. Thanks, everyone! :)

    Jo -- Welcome home to you, too!

  4. I was in a way different part of North Carolina earlier in the month for the North American Con (the substitute for Worldcon). One of the prominent landmarks in that part of Raleigh was a Bail Bonds place, so I decided not to go out for the night life.

  5. I love the look of the photos - the quality and tints - wow.


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