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Long time no post, everyone. Fall has been super busy for me at work, but I am back to interview a very special guest...Aprilynne Pike! I met Aprilynne at the Supernatural Summer Tour last year. She was very kind, outgoing, and funny. I adored her immediately. This year, her second book for the WINGS series came out -- SPELLS!

The illustration featured is of Tamani, the fairy in the WINGS series that wants the attention of protagonist Laurel. I tried to capture his mirth and free spirit...and green, green eyes!

1) Thanks for joining us, Aprilynne! What is SPELLS about?

Spells is the second book in the story of Laurel Sewell, a teenage girl who discovers she's a faerie--and that faeries are not quite what you might expect. In this book, she gets a chance to travel to Avalon to learn more about her heritage before coming home to face an old enemy. Spells also continues to explore Laurel's relationships not only with Tamani and David, the boys who vie for her affections, but with her parents and her friend Chelsea.

2) The series has a unique take on fairies. What inspired you to come up with the idea for the WINGS series?

So many things! In particular, when I was little there was a book I loved to look through that was filled with pictures of faeries. I have no idea what that book was, but I loved it--I would look through it page by page, then flip back to the beginning and start again. I have always loved telling stories, I have always loved faeries, and I'm not sure it gets much more inspirational than that.

3) I remember I used to be obsessed with fairies as a kid. For SPELLS, what were some of the major changes from WINGS? (With no spoilers, of course!)

Well, as mentioned, Laurel gets to visit Avalon. In Wings Laurel is at a new school in a new town and she's kind of figuring out who she is; in Spells she is more settled but also must face the consequences of some of her choices. Also: troll hunters.

4) Troll hunters! Wonder what that job is like. What was your journey toward publication like with your debut novel WINGS?

Wow, short question, long answer... my journey to publication is extremely well-documented because I started blogging about it a couple years in advance. My blog at has entries going back a loooong way. The short version is that my journey to publication was a lot of work and a lot of fun--but not nearly as much work, or nearly as much fun, as being published.

5) When I was at your reading, you were a fun speaker with a great sense of humor! Any advice to other authors on talking about his/her book in front of others?

You know, I think every author has to find his or her own style. I have friends who do Powerpoint presentations and others who just do Q&A sessions... some plan routines well in advance, others fly by the seat of their pants. I personally spent a lot of time on stage in high school and college and I definitely draw on that in my own presentation style.

Thank you, Aprilynne! It was a pleasure having you on The Blog.



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  1. Yay! Realm Lovejoy is back! So is the main difference between Elves and human-sized fairies the fact that fairies come from a different realm?

  2. Thank for stopping by, Mark! I'm not sure what the difference between human-sized fairies and elves are, but maybe Aprilynne knows.

  3. *blinkblink* I really have no idea. I haven't done much research on elves and my fae are made up wholecloth. I guess it depends on what kind of elves you write. LOTR type elves (human sized, magical, etc.) or Xanth-type elves. (Small, green-skinned, minimally magic. Although, even in Xanth there are a couple kinds of elves . . . IIRC.) There are about as many interpretations of elves as fae.:D


  4. Love the colors in this one, Realm!
    Great interview and welcome back to blogging!

  5. Aprilynne -- I know what you mean. There are so many different interpretations, it's hard to pinpoint the basic pattern of how different creators segregate the difference between elves, fairies, and different scales of 'em.

    Jo -- Thank you! I am glad to be back. :)


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