News Week - 12/13/10

Hurray! For Hilary Wagner's release of her debut novel NIGHTSHADE CITY, I made her a card:

These little rats are quite different from the evil and ratty Billycan I drew. Remember him? He's the villian rat of NIGHTSHADE CITY I illustrated a while back for Hilary's interview.

To see the other cards the talented Niki Smith and Stacey Vaughan (Lisa and Laura Roecker's sister) made, check out Hilary's post about the cards. Their artwork is awesome.

Thank you so much for the shout out, Hilary! Congrats again!


In other news...I'm back from NYC! I got to meet my agent super Joanna -- yay! I will post more on the trip later on. I am also finally moved into my new place.




  1. I love your little rats, and I loved Nightshade City. I just finished it last night. (I'm quite a rat fan myself, I have two mini-rats/aka mice of my own.) But even a non-rat lover would love the rats of Nightshade City. Even poor Billycan had his endearing side.

  2. Realm, you are so talented! A writer and illustrator--not to mention good looking!! ;)

    Yay on meeting your agent! I want to meet mine! :(

    Melissa, I'm so glad you liked the book! Book II is all about Billycan! :)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  3. Melissa -- Thank you, Melissa! Hilary created some awesome rat characters!

    Hilary -- Hehe, thanks, Hilary! :) It was great to finally meet my agent and I hope you meet yours soon, too! Book 2 is about Billycan? Sounds like it's gonna be fun!


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