New House

After two years of searching, we finally got a house. A lot of houses in our price range in Seattle were very small. But then, a short sale popped up for a decent-sized house. It had a rotten roof and a gnarly yard, but otherwise, it had plenty of room for everything I dreamed of: room for guests, a garden, a BBQ hangout, a library, a sunroom, an art room, and so forth. (Do I dream too much? Maybe.)

The short sale was a pain. It went on for 6 months. I almost walked away twice. Once, when the bank refused to fix the roof. Only when I said I don't want it anymore, they took the roof repair cost off of the house. Next, they missed the closing date and they tried to extend it again--due to complications with my travels and apartment, I told them I couldn't buy the house if they missed the closing date for the second time. Then, suddenly, they hurried up and closed the deal. 

We've been living in the house for two months now and love it so far. It's nice to be able to do what we want and dream of designing the interior, exterior, and the yard.

There will be more pics as we get more work done on the house. Currently, it still has the old paint (purple and yellow? Yikes) and not much furniture. There's certainly a long list of chores now!  

In Seattle, we don't get a lot of sun... so it cheers me up to have lots of windows:

Here is my still empty office. Check out the purple carpet--blech! Can't wait to get rid of that thing:

Just bought this dining table from my friend Kyle--he makes neat furniture. This one is made out of maple:

Here is how the roof looked before. We got a new metal roof and I think it looks prettier now:

That's all for now. More pics as things progress!



  1. It's beautiful, Realm! So jealous over here. :)

  2. I'm totally moving in. You'll never notice me. XD

  3. Amy -- Thank you!

    Mark -- The purple carpet is everywhere! Don't know what the previous owners were thinking...

    Mystagic -- True! You could easily hide in the house... but I would insist you come out and have tea with me.

  4. yay for new house! so excited for you!

  5. Hooray! The house looks AWESOME! Congrats to you and Joe!

  6. Having lots of window makes a house more breezy and cozy, Lovejoy! Your new home is totally welcoming! Your metal roof brought a huge difference! Just like any other roof, it formed a permanent seal against any weather conditions to your house. It requires little maintenance which means you will apply a new coat nearly after 20 years to prevent from rust and corrosion.

  7. Definitely that looks so much better with that metal roof on. Did you know that metal roof can last for 50 years or more? Also, it is more economical than any type of roofing materials because it can save homeowners from having too high energy costs. The thing that makes this as one of the mostly preferred roofing material is because of its versatility.

  8. Yes, a house with a lot of windows would indeed be fun! Not only fun but more breathable and relaxing to live in. Also, it would be cost-efficient because there would be a lesser need to use electricity for lighting. By the way, your metal roof is looking really good. Always conduct your own maintenance to make sure that you have a well-conditioned roof.

    Willie Norman

  9. Getting the roof replaced is a good move, as a roof becomes rotten like that can be really troublesome. So, it is good that you got a metal roof. And in addition to what Mary said, metal roofs are also versatile when it comes to design. It can almost complement every architectural style today. And this kind of roof also makes the house safer from harsh weather, as it is durable than other roof types.

  10. Everybody dreams too much at one point or another, especially when it comes to things like this. I mean who would want to live in a house that we aren't comfortable in? You're so fortunate to have bought the house at an affordable price. And your new roof is stunning!


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