Trip - Cabo 2013

Joe and I just got back from Cabo. It's been really rainy in Seattle, so we really needed some serious sun and rejuvenation time. One of the reasons why I chose Cabo was because they had some awesome spa treatments. After 10 years of drawing 40+ hours a week, my arms and shoulders needed some healing time. It was time to unwind and get ready for new things. 

Our balcony plus beach:  

For our last night, we got dressed up to go to a cliff-side, fish market style restaurant. The appetizer was sea bass ceviche and mango calamari. The entree I chose was parrot fish, baby corns, and chimchurri potatoes. Dessert = rosemary grilled pineapples.

Went to town one day and got big plates of lobster and fresh squeezed margaritas!

Some animals we met:

During our last day, Joey woke up early to secure us a beach front cabana. We watched the sunrise:

Good-bye, Cabo!

Now I am back refreshed! I'm preparing CLAN for publication and am doing some things for my 2nd book as well. More soon!



  1. Nice to see another post about you and your beautiful life, Realm!

  2. These are beautiful photos of your trip to Cabo! It looks like you had a wonderful relaxing vacation. The beach looks gorgeous and the food looks delicious.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Philip! I'm glad you liked the photos!


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