Trip - Golden Autumn in Fairbanks

Back from Fairbanks, Alaska! We flew into Anchorage and then took a 6-7 hour road trip to Fairbanks, which is north of Anchorage and Denali. We went for the solar max; the solar activity is supposed to peak this fall. Alas, when we were there, it was supposedly the weakest solar max in 100 years and we didn't see the northern lights this time. At least in 2011, we did see the lights, so it wasn't too terrible to miss it this year. On the bright side, the autumn leaves were beautifully gold and bright everywhere. We had a pretty surreal walk through the birch tree forest.

I hope you like pictures of mountains... there are lots of mountains:

If you ever go to Fairbanks, go to the Turtle Club. Their "small" ribeye steak is giant like a slab of beast. The baked potato is better than you'd ever think a baked potato could be. And it's got turtle decor. And a mug of Irish coffee with mint syrup...



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